Road Race

5K & 10K Road Race

  • Ohio Senior Olympics will not host a 5K or 10K Road Race in 2022.

Athletes can qualify for this sport in a couple of ways.

  • You can compete in a state Senior Olympics offered by another state. Many states, especially those in the Great Lakes Region, welcome athletes from other states to their state games. The Senior Games in the Great Lakes Region as well as Kentucky and West Virginia can be found HERE. The complete list of state games is HERE.
  • Since Ohio does not offer Road Race events, the NSGA Limited Event Rule allows athletes to qualify for national competition outside of a state games. Rule D states “ If your state did not offer the 5K and 10K road race, an athlete must submit verification of having completed one 5K or 10K event between January 1 and December 31” of the qualifying year. The road races are reciprocal. If you compete in a 5K or 10K road race event, you will qualify for both.
  • The Limited Event verification form is updated each year. It can be found on the NSGA web site, under the National Games Rules and Regulations.
  • Athletes interested in qualifyng using the Limited Event Verification Form are responsibe for completing the form and submitting it to NSGA.
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