2009 Hall of Fame

The third class of the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame was inducted on Thursday, July 9, 2009 during the banquet at the 2009 Ohio Senior Olympics State Games in Youngstown.

John Boesenhofer

John Boesenhofer, of Toledo, is a competitor in track and field at the local, state and national level. His medal collection is extensive, a testament to his skill in a variety of events.

John R. Corbet

John R. Corbet began his Senior Olympics athletic career in the 1999 Cincinnati and the Dayton regional competitions. Gold medal performances qualified him for competition at the 2001 National Senior Games in Baton Rouge, but an unfortunate injury kept him sidelined.

His qualifying performance in the 2002 state games took him to Hampton Roads to compete at the 2003 National Senior Games, where he was in 4th place in the 400 Meter Dash and the 1500 Meter Run and in 6th place in the 800 Meter Run. Mr. Corbet has sustained his top ten performances at the 2005 and 2007 National Senior Games. In seven years of competing at the Ohio Senior Olympics State Games, Corbet has won 22 Gold Meads and 6 Silver Medals. He has never lost a 1500 Meter Run in the State or Regional competition.

Joyce Mason

Joyce Mason is a multi sport athlete at both the State and National levels.

Since 1994, Joyce has competed successfully in the Ohio Senior Olympics State Games. In the Javelin, Shot Put, Racquetball, and bowling, she has amassed 13 Gold Medals, 10 Silver Medals, and 2 Bronze Medals. At the 1997 National Senior Games in Tucson, she won the bronze in Bowling Singles, the 6th place in the Javelin, and tied for the 5th place in Racquetball. For her efforts in Bowing Singles in the 1999 Orlando National Senior Games, she added another Bronze Medal to her collection. The greatest moment and the ultimate achievement in Mason’s National Senior Games competitive career was bowling a 646 series and winning the Bowling Singles Gold Medal in the 2001 Baton Rouge National Senior Games. Her 646 series stands among the top-ten highest series for her age-group since the inception of the National Senior Games.

Robert Mitchell

Before the first 1987 National Senior Games was established in St. Louis, Missouri, Robert Mitchell of Springfield, was on the competitive tracks winning medals and demonstrating his athletic abilities.

In track and field, our inductee is a very versatile athlete. He has captured medals in the 200 meter dash, discus, javelin, golf, and has played on a medal winning softball team. He is proud of his 32 Senior Olympics medals he has won over the years.

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Virginia Neutzling

Virginia Neutzling is being inducted into the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame for her meritorious service. Virginia served the Ohio Senior Olympics and Canton Hall of Fame Senior Olympics for twelve years with distinction.

Starting 1991, she played a critical role in the organizational development and stability during these formative years of the Canton Hall of Fame Senior Olympics. With an operational base at Malone College and in conjunction with Blanche Mott, Virginia developed liaisons throughout the greater Canton area lobbying and promoting the establishment of athletic competition among older adults. She became the persona of the Canton Senior Olympics in the eyes of the Canton Public Officials.

Thom Phillips

Thom Phillips is best known as a senior athlete for his achievement as a sprinter. Thom first competed in the National Senior Games at the 1991 Syracuse Games and has competed in most of the National Senior Games since that time.

The 100 Meter Dash, 200 Meter Dash, Long Jump, and Discus are his favorite competitive events. The 4th place in the 100 Meter Dash at the 2003 Hampton Rhoades, VA National Senior Games has been Thom’s best finish in the National Senior Games competition. In the 2007 National Senior Games in Louisville, KY, a pulled muscle prevented him from competing in the six events for which he had qualified.

In the U.S.A Track and Field (Masters) Thom has earned All American Honors for age-group achievements in 100 Meter Dash, 200 Meter Dash, Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, and Shot Put. Phillips has won numerous Gold Medals in Ohio Senior Olympics State Games across the state over the years and at various the State Games competitions involving twelve states.

Eleanor Ridinger

Eleanor Ridinger of Yellow Springs has been competing in the National Senior Games since its inception. In 2001 she won the gold in the javelin and the bronze in the discus. She won another gold medal in the javelin at the 2007 Louisville National Senior Games.

In the each of the National Senior Games competitions from 1999 to 2007, Eleanor has placed among top eight finals in the shot put, discus, and javelin. Ellie’s javelin and discus performances in the 2007 National Senior Games in Louisville, KY has placed her #4 in Javelin and #8 in the discus among the top ten National Senior Games performances for her 90-94 age-group.

Over the years at the state and local competitions across the state, Ellie has won numerous medals and honors in many events. During her long career, she has grown to be the personification of persistence.

Carmelita 'Topsy' Rumple


Carmelita 'Topsy' Rumple was the embodiment of the Senior Olympics during its formative years here in Ohio. Topsy's enthusiasm for the Games was inspirational for others to become physically active and engaged in the fitness lifestyle.

Entering her first Senior Olympics competition at age 72, she early on established her position at the front of the pack and maintained it for many years. Topsy consistently captured the gold medal in 100M dash and 400 M run. Following her accomplishments on the track, she turned her attention to the gold medals in golf chipping, football throw, basketball free throw, horseshoes, and the softball throw. Topsy's softball throw of 73 feet and 8 inches established an age-group record. Her 1993 National Senior Games shot put performance of 16 feet 3 inches remains at #7 among the Top Ten performances for her 85-89 age-group.

Barbara E. Self

Beavercreek resident Barbara E. Self has qualified to compete in every National Senior Game competition since 1988. Her qualifying events for the national competition have been the long jump, high jump, racewalk, and tennis.

Over years at the National Senior Games, she has won many ribbons and medals in these events. Barbara won the Silver Medal in high jump at 2007 National Senior Games in Louisville KY. In addition to these achievements in the National Senior Games, Barbara Self has won numerous in the Ohio State Games and the various regional and local games across the state. Barbara is not only involved with the Senior Games as an athlete, she serves as a board member for the Ohio Senior Olympics and the Dayton Miami Valley Senior Olympics.

Bill Simmons

As a high school student at Akron East High School in the 1940s, Bill Simmons was a member of the school’s track and football teams. He excelled in Track and Field at the scholastic level.

It was many years later that Bill gained state, regional, and national honors for his continued athletic efforts in the competitive arena of Track and Field in the Senior Olympics, Masters, and USATF. Action photos of Bill in flight off the Long Jump runway, shoe spikes pointed forward reaching for that extra inch of achievement, are awesome. They exemplify the positive lifestyle and quality of life experienced by the senior athlete. This in-flight image of Simmons has appeared across the state on posters and covers of booklets published and distributed by The Ohio Department of Aging.

John Tasseff 

Not only is John Tasseff an athlete, he is very active in the management of the Canton Hall of Fame Senior Olympics over the years. Additionally, he has served as a member of the State Board of the Ohio Senior Olympics.

In the State Games of the Ohio Senior Olympics competition, John has won a table full of medals including at least 16 gold medals. Looking at his accomplishments at the Ohio Senior Olympics regional competition across the state, John has won over 45 gold medals in his age group events. In addition to these outstanding accomplishments in the Senior Olympics competitions, Tasseff has won his share of medals in running events in Ohio sponsored by other organizations. John has qualified for and competed in all the National Senior Games since 1997 in Tucson, Arizona. He consistently has qualified in the 400M, 800M, 1500M, shot put, and the discus.

Keith Williams

Akron resident Keith Williams is a most versatile senior athlete. During the his competitive career in the Senior Olympics, Keith has medaled in swimming, shot put, long jump, high jump, discus, javelin, horseshoes, softball, and basketball at the various levels in state and regional competition.

On his trophy wall, he proudly displays 18 gold, 18 silver, 4 bronze Senior Olympics medals. In 2002 at the Ohio State Games, Williams captured a gold medal in the shot put and silver medal in the long jump. He returned to win three age group gold medals in the javelin, high jump, and long jump in the 2005 State Games. The 2006 state competition was all silver for Williams with medals in the shot put, javelin, long jump, and triple jump.

Keith Williams’ achievements at the regional competition have been a continuation of his accomplishments at the state competition; over the years, he has placed over 28 medals on his trophy wall from the regional competitions in Northeast Ohio.

Ruby Wise

Ruby Wise is known in the Dayton area as a senior softball athlete. In the mid 1940s, a surprised young lady by the name of Ruby Hall, today known as Ruby Wise, received a letter inviting her to come to Chicago for the women’s professional softball tryouts. Ruby in subsequent years played in the outfield for several professional teams. Because of her softball skills, Ruby became a member of a movie cast when her team was selected to be the subject of the movie, "A LEAGUE of THEIR OWN."

In recent years, Ruby has been an outstanding outfielder for the Dayton area women's softball team, "Ohio Cardinals." This team pioneered softball competition in the National Senior Games. During the period 1991 to 1995, the Ohio Cardinals dominated the women’s softball competition of the National Senior Games, capturing the gold medal in 1991, 1993, and 1995.

Since beginning her Senior Olympics experience in the early 1990s, she has won nearly 100 medals in the javelin, shot put, long jump, and 100 meter dash in the Ohio Senior Olympics State Games and Senior Olympics regional competitions. The basement of her home is covered wall-to-wall with medals, ribbons and citations honoring her athletic ability.


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