2010 Hall of Fame

The fourth class of the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame was inducted on Thursday, July 22, 2010 during the banquet at the 2010 Ohio Senior Olympics State Games in Youngstown. 

Ken Bechtol

Ken Bechtol, of Akron, discovered athletic competition while working at swim meets and that experience convinced him a different lifestyle might be possible.

A multi-sport athlete in tennis, running events and cycling, Ken has awards in his region, at the state level and in national competition. Ken credits his wife, Patrice, and his family for their support throughout his athletic endeavors.

Julia Carr

Julia Carr, known to her teammates and fellow athletes as "Mama Jean," has been active in the Senior Olympics from its inception in 1987.

As an athlete she has a sparking array of medals and ribbons in Track and Field from events at the local, state and national levels. In that event, discus was her focus.

Mama Jean was also a member of the Ohio Cardinals softball team, joining the team on the awards stand to receive the gold medal at four national competitions. Despite two knee replacements, Carr continued to compete into her 80's. An educator by profession, Carr is recognized by her peers in the sports community for her dedication and commitment to training and preparing many fine coaches and teachers.

Carl Dimengo

Some say that Carl Dimengo of Akron has "dogged determination," others call it enthusiasm. Whatever you may call it, Senior Olympics has been enriched by his passion and commitment to athletics.

Carl is a successful competitor himself, as a bowler, and a teacher, leader and coach to others. His contributions are many, both on and off the field. Carl is known to many as the organizer and coach (and don't forget player) for the Brennan's White Hat softball team. The team won at state competition in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010. They carried that success to national competition, winning gold in Pittsburgh in 2005, and silver in Louisville (2007) and San Francisco (2009). Carl has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for his Meritorious Service to the Senior Olympics movement in Ohio.

Barbara Farling

Barbara Farling was introduced to bowling following graduation from Akron Buchtel High School and soon began winning in competitive settings.

In her career, she has bowled over forty (40) 700 three-game series and five 300 games. Barbara was a ten year member of the Ladies Professional Bowling Association Tour. Her highest tour finish was 14th. For these accomplishments, she was selected in 1986 and 1988 as a member of the Women’s International Bowling Congress All-Star Team.

Barbara Farling has captured three consecutive gold medals in the National Senior Games Association Bowling Singles (2003 in Virginia Beach, VA, 2005 in Pittsburgh, PA, and 2007 in Louisville, KY) and established an age group record of 695 in the 2007 Louisville National Senior Games.

Jack Greenwald

Jack Greenwald graduated with the Canton Lehman High School Class of 1945. His high school track events were 100 and 440 yard sprints. His high school accomplishments included two letters, but he did not continue running after high school.

In 1984, at age 56, Jack began to get active again. By 1987, Greenwald entered national track competition winning the Silver in the 400 meter race in the first National Senior Games in St. Louis, MO. By age 69, he had competed in six national championships and captured over 300 medals. The defining moment of Greenwald’s 2003 racing season was at the 2003 National Senior Games in Hampton Roads, Virginia where he captured the Gold Medal in the 100 meter sprint, the Silver Medal in the 200 meter, and the Bronze Medal in the 400 meter race.

Sandy Ketchum

Youngstown's Sandy Ketchum started playing tennis at age 15, but didn't have her first lesson until age 42.

Her Senior Olympics career includes medals at the local, state and national level. Her first national competition, in Tucson in 1997, resulted in a silver medal. She followed with silver in Pittsburgh in 2005 and gold in Louisville in 2007.

By profession, Sandy has been a physical education teacher at schools in the Youngstown area for 37 years. She has coached girls' tennis for 20 years at area high schools. In addition, Sandy plays on three USTA League teams and has played in four USTA National Tournaments. Sandy cites the support of her family, and their willingness to travel to her many competitions, as key to her success.

Mary Seebeck 

Mary Seebeck of Dayton is a multi-sport competitor, with interest in racewalk, cycling and track and field.

A regular competitor in the Dayton/ Miami Valley games and at the annual Ohio Senior Olympics state games, she has qualified for and competed at every National Senior Games competition since 1989. At the national games in 2005 she placed in high jump, shot put, javelin and discus; In 2007, she won the gold medal in the high jump.

Mary maintains her physical fitness level by walking with the Dayton Walking Club. She is the mother of six, grandmother of 14 and great-grandmother of 18.

Herschel Self

Dayton's Herschel Self is a long-time competitor in table tennis, at the local, state and national level, with many medals across the years and competitions.

His skill with the paddle has taken he and his partners to the National Senior Games for many years, usually resulting in a medal. In 1997, it was fourth place; 1999 brought silver; 2001 was a golden year. In 2003 he claimed the bronze in singles competition. In 2007 he was back on the awards stand with his partner to claim the gold medal in Louisville.

Bernie Shouse

Bernie Shouse of Dayton has been bowling for nearly 40 years and continues to maintain an 172 bowling average.

Bernie has always enjoyed sports, particularly golf, softball, and bowling. Bowling that became his focus in the Senior Olympics competitions. His walls are filled with the many medals, ribbons, and plaques that he has acquired over the years in the various local, state, national senior Olympics competitions and from his various other league play. During the period from 2001 to 2007, Bernie stood among the top six bowlers in his age-group at the National Senior Games Bowling competition, winning the gold in 2007.

Gary Vaught

Cincinnati's Gary Vaught is entering the Hall of Fame for his meritorious service to Ohio Senior Olympics, but is an athlete as well.

Before his retirement, Gary oversaw the Southwest Ohio Senior Olympics on behalf of the Cincinnati Recreation Commission. He served as president of the Ohio Senior Olympics board for many years and remains active with the board now. Gary has participated in golf in local, state and national competition. Since retiring, he has achieved his goal of golfing in all fifty states. He is also active with Habitat for Humanity.

Ray Vincent

As a member of the Greatest Generation, Akron resident Ray Vincent served several years in the Pacific with the U.S. Marine Corp during World War II.

At the age of 30, in 1950, Vincent shot his first round of golf. As the years rolled by, he continued to develop and maintain his golfing skills, without golf lessons, playing the many golf courses in the Akron area. At age 81, at the insistence of his wife, Janice, Ray registered for to participate in the Senior Olympics and won a Silver Medal. Entering the Ohio Senior Olympics in 2002, Vincent has been found on the winners’ platform every year from 2002 to 2006, winning gold in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006.

The Cougars / Grayhounds
Basketball Team

With their record of 37-2 in competition at the National Senior Games, and all-time record of 159-10, its' easy to understand why theCougars/ Grayhounds basketball team from Cincinnati is the first team to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The team medaled in five consecutive National Games, including gold medals in 1999, 2001 and 2005. They have been the state Senior Olympic gold medalists in their age group for thirteen years.

The team practices twice a week and includes: All-Americans, professionals, NCAA champions, conference champions, high-school All-State players and High School state champions. While the team did not compete in 2009 due to health concerns, the are training to compete in 2011 in the 80 age group.

Team members include: John "Hoot" Gibson, Gene Neff, Joe Niemann, Clay Argentati, Al Wallace, Charles McWilliams, Bob Cisneros, Les Wills, Ray Pratt, Jim Glascock, Don Hughes and Jim Neal, along with coaches Bob Curran, Rich Gibbs, Ken Hughes and Walt Philpot.


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