2012 Hall of Fame

The fifth class of the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame was inducted on Thursday, July 26, 2012 during the banquet at the 2012 Ohio Senior Olympics State Games in Cleveland.

John Beggin

Bobbi Beggin accepted the award for
her late husband, Jack.

The legacy of John Beggin lives on! John, known to his many friends as Jack, was posthumously honored for his achievements, particularly, in Table Tennis and Shuffleboard.

John Beggin was a trailblazer among the older athletes in the Lima, Ohio area, for he sought the competitive challenges found in the state and national competitions of the Ohio Senior Olympics and National Senior Games Association. Once Jack was initiated in NSGA experience at the 1999 Orlando Games, the Senior Olympics became his passion as he continued to qualify for and compete in every National Senior Games from the 1999 Orlando Games to the 2007 Louisville NSGA Games.

Jack's stellar NSGA experience was underpinned by an equally competitive experience in the Ohio Senior Olympics State Games.

In recognition of these achievements, The Ohio Senior Olympics is proud to welcome John Jack Beggin as a member of the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame 2012 Class.

Deanna Clifford

Deanna Clifford was inducted into the Hall of Fame in the meritorious service category. Deanna's experience with Senior Olympics started with the regional games in Youngstown. From the very first day of her first competition, she was hooked. "I love the spirit of the competitors, their commitment to their sport and their love of the games," she says.

Along with working for the regional games, Deanna supports the state organization with web site management and other communication and organizational efforts. Deanna has also volunteered for the National Senior Games Association at the National Games, starting with the games in Pittsburgh and continuing with each competition since.

Ohio Senior Olympics is proud to welcome Deanna Clifford to the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame.

Sid Hall

Sid Hall was introduced to the swimming winner's platform early in his swimming career, for as a high school competitive swimmer, he was a two-time State Champion Swimmer at Grandview High School near Columbus as well as a high school All-American Swimmer.

Thirty-seven years later at age 55 motivated by a fellow church member, Sid entered his inaugural Senior Olympics swimming experience competing in the freestyle, breaststroke, and the backstroke events.

Hall has qualified for and competed in all of the NSGA swimming championships since 1993 except for the 1995 San Antonio Games and the 2009 San Francisco Games. He competed in the 2012 Cleveland Ohio Senior Olympics State Games to represent Ohio in the 2013 Cleveland National Senior Games swimming championships.

In these previous national competitions, Hall has won 11 gold, 11 silver, and 2 bronze medals while establishing five age-group records, one of which in the 100 freestyle stood from 2001 to 2009.

In other national competitions such as United States Masters, Hall has been ranked among the top ten swimmers in the nation in one or more events every year but one since 1991.

In recognition of these achievements, The Ohio Senior Olympics is proud to recognize and honor Sid Hall as a member of the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame 2012 Class.

Egons Krumins

Egons Krumins has had a very hot paddle at Table Tennis beginning with his high school experience in Riga, Latvia. In the early 1950s after the Second World War, Egons moved to this country working as a Manufacturing Engineer while maintaining his table tennis skills over the years in the many recreational tournaments in the Cleveland area.

As the Senior Olympics movement evolved in the 1970s and 1980s, Krumins sought a greater challenge at the table by entering the first National Senior Association Games' 1987 table tennis championship in St. Louis. Down through the many competitions that followed his initiation in St Louis, Egons has continued to receive many accolades throughout his Senior Olympics experience in local, state and national competitions.

With his paddle, Egons became a legend while successfully competing in Ohio State Games to represent Ohio in the National Senior Games. In the 1999 Orlando NSGA Games, he captured the Silver medal. In the 2001 Baton Rouge Games, he followed this feat by winning the Gold medal with Herschel Self of Beavercreek, Ohio in the Table Tennis Doubles competitions.

In recognition of these achievements, The Ohio Senior Olympics is proud to recognize and honor Egons Krumins as a member of the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame 2012 Class.

Art Losekamp

At age 78, Art Losekamp is a bowler par excellence with an equally strong competitive spirit. He has been a sanctioned bowler in the American Bowling Congress (now the United States Bowling Congress) for over 50 years.

Beginning his Senior Olympics bowling career in 1992, he has won over 140 medals and ribbons in local, regional, and national competitions. At the NSGA bowling competitions, Losekamp has won a Gold medal and two ribbons.

In the Ohio competitions, he has won 60 Gold, 21 Silver, and 8 Bronze medals. In other bowling competitions outside the state of Ohio, such as Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois, Losekamp has captured 31 Gold, 13 Silvers, and 4 Bronze medals.

He and his partner established an all-time Illinois State Doubles record for all ages with a combined score of 1411. Art's contribution to this total was a 725.

In addition to his achievements with the ball and the bowling pins, Tom Taylor, a member of 2008 Class of the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame, in his nomination packet for Art, said, "He is a true Ambassador for the Cincinnati bowling and the Senior Olympics." What a statement!

Art's efforts have not gone unnoticed, for he was inducted into the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1997, and in 2007 he also was inducted into the Dayton/Miami Valley Senior Olympics Hall of Fame.

In recognition of these stellar achievements, The Ohio Senior Olympics is proud to welcome Arthur C. Losekamp to the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame Class of 2012.

The Ohio Buckeyes Volleyball Team


Back row: Left to right- Pat O'Brien, Toby Tolson, Deke Kerivan, Carolyn Lewis (wife of Bob Lewis-deceased), Gene Neff

Front row: Dick Raiff, Bill McKaig

Not pictured: Al Barber (deceased), Mark Barnhill, Hoot Gibson

The Ohio Buckeyes ability to spike the ball and block returns at the net was known throughout NSGA volleyball community and has made the team a remarkable opponent in the National Senior Games Men's Volleyball Championships since 1997.

In the NSGA biannual championships between 1997 and 2007, this team has won the Gold Metals in three (3) age-groups: in the 65 age-group at the 1997 Tucson, AZ Games, in the 70 age-group at the 2003 Orlando, FL Games, and again in the 75 age-group at the 2007 Louisville, KY Games.

During this period (1997- 2007) of NSGA competitions, the team has medaled in six (6) consecutive NSGA National Volleyball Championships winning three (3) gold, two (2) silver, and a Bronze.

While qualifying for the National Championships in Ohio, the Ohio Buckeyes won thirteen (13) consecutive age-group championships in the Ohio State Games (1997-2009).

Most of the team’s players are from the Dayton/Cincinnati Area from time to time, however, they do find a select individual from Canton or Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

In recognition of their achievements, The Ohio Senior Olympics is proud to welcome the Ohio Buckeyes men's volleyball team as a member of the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame 2012 Class.

The Ohio Cardinals Softball Team


Left to right back row standing Reenie Fitzgerald, Colleen Needham, Marilyn Lovett, Judy Peele, Peggy Meacham, Betty Brenner, Gary Igo, Jan Worley, Karen Jones


Kneeling left to right Kathy Sowers, Helen Biddle, Barb Krack, Terry Smith, Sue Minnich, Jan Deters

Not pictured Mary Bullen, Barbara Bond,
Sue Loversky, Dottie Davis, Donna Varga

Since 1999 this southwestern Ohio women's softball team, managed by Colleen Needham, has set the bar for winning in women’s softball.

These women of the Dayton/Cincinnati area have been playing softball since their grade school experience. For their accomplishments on the softball field, they have received many honors and accolades as witnessed by the number of these players who have been, as individuals, inducted into the: Dayton Softball Hall of Fame, Greater Cincinnati Softball Hall of Fame, and Illinois State Hall of Fame. Other team members have been honored by the Cincinnati Women's Sports Foundation and The League of Legends in Dayton. One outstanding member was inducted as a Manager into the USSSA National Softball Hall of Fame in Kissimmee, Florida.

The Ohio Cardinals have been a decade-long Gold medal winner in the Ohio National Qualifying Games as they competed to represent Ohio in the NSGA competitions across the country.

The Ohio Cardinals began their NSGA experience at the 2001 Baton Rouge Games by winning the Gold, followed by a second Gold at the 2003 Norfolk Games. They captured the Silver medal at the 2005 Pittsburgh Games, followed by a Bronze medal in the 2007 Louisville Games. They won Gold medals in the 2009 San Francisco Games and the 2011 Houston Games.

In national competition, the team’s total medal count is:Four Gold medals, One Silver medal, and One Bronze medal in a decade of National Senior Games competitions.

In recognition of these achievements, The Ohio Senior Olympics is proud to welcome the Ohio Cardinals to the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame 2012 Class.


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