Ohio's State Games

The Ohio Senior Olympics State Games

2022 State Games

You can view the schedule for the 2022 state games HERE.

Who can compete in the State Games?

The Ohio Senior Olympic State Games are open to all athletes who are age 50 and over in the year of competition (an athlete must be age 50 by December 31 to compete in that year).

Ohio welcomes both athletes who live in the state and those who live outside of the state at its State Games.

What are the age groups for competition?

Individual sports are offered in five year age brackets, starting with 50-54, 55-59, etc, through 90+. Your bracket is determined by your age as of December 31 of the year of competition.

The age brackets for doubles, mixed doubles and team events is determined by the age of the youngest member.

Team sports are offered in brackets 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, and 75+. Basketball also has brackets for 80+ and 85+

How do I qualify for the State Games?

The State Games do not have qualifying criteria to compete; they are open to anyone who meets the age criteria above, registers, and pays the registration fee. 

Athletes are encouraged, but not required, to participate in one of Ohio's regional competitions prior to competing in the State Games.

How often are State Games held?

Ohio Senior Olympics offers a State Games competition each year (with a few exceptions).

In even numbered years, the Ohio Senior Olympics State Games act as a qualifying competition for the National Senior Games, which are typically offered in odd numbered years. 2022 will be the qualifying competition for the 2023 National Senior Games, which will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Read more about qualifying for the National Senior Games HERE.

Where are the State Games held?

The sports that make up the State Senior Olympics are primarily hosted in Central Ohio. Exceptions are noted with those specific sports.

What rules are used for the sports?

For all sports, the state games utilize the rules established by the National Senior Games Association. You can find a link to those rules HERE.

Are there other rules I should know about?

In addition to the rules for the sports, Ohio Senior Olympics has established rules that govern the State Games and athlete conduct while competing in the state games. Learn more about those rules HERE.

How do I register for the State Games?

Registration for the State Games is conducted using an on-line registration system. When it is time for registration to begin, you will see a registration button on the home page of this web site. There will also be links to the registration system on the information page for that year's State Games.

To register on-line, you must pay the registration fee and any other fees associated with your registration using a credit card.

When does registration begin?

Registration typically opens about two months before the State Games begin. You will have about six weeks to register for the State Games. Once registration closes, no more registrations are accepted.

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