Other State's Games

Other States' Games

If Ohio's schedule doesn't work for you, or if you'd like to get in some additional competition, check out other state games in the region. The dates below may be subject to change so please check with the state for their most current schedule. The dates below are for 2022.

Ohio is in the Great Lakes Region. Here are the states in Great Lakes Region.

Indiana- Events in June-September, https://indiana.fusesport.com/

Illinois- Events in July- September,  https://ilseniorolympics.weebly.com/

Iowa- Events June -July, https://www.iowaseniorgames.org/

Michigan- Events in August- September, https://www.michiganseniorolympics.org/

Minnesota- August 11-14, https://www.mnseniorgames.com/

Missouri- June 9-12, https://moseniorgames.org/

Wisconsin- https://www.wiseniorolympics.com/


You might also want to check out neighboring states:

Kentucky, still working on schedule , https://kentuckyseniorgames.com/

West Virginia, June 2022, https://westvirginia.fusesport.com/


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