Hall of Fame

About the Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to recognize the accomplishments of the many athletes competing in and promoting Senior Olympics at the local, regional, state and national level.

The Hall of Fame also inducts individuals who have provided Meritorious Service to the organization in endeavors other than the athletic competition.

Each year Ohio Senior Olympics seeks nominees for induction to the Hall of Fame. The new class is inducted into the Hall of Fame during a ceremony typically held during the Ohio Senior Olympic State Games competition.

Hall of Fame Classes

Click on a year below to learn more about the Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame classes.

Who Can Be Nominated?

The Ohio Senior Olympics Hall of Fame includes nominees in two categories:
Olympic Athlete and Meritorious Service.

Individuals considered for this recognition should have achieved local, state and/or national success in their chosen event.

Individuals who are nominated in the Meritorious Service category should demonstrate commitment to the conduct of the Ohio Senior Olympics at the regional or state level.

The nomination form is found HERE.

How is Someone Nominated?

To nominate an individual for either of the awards:

  • Complete the appropriate nomination form (athlete or meritorious service), providing the most complete information possible;
  • Include all appropriate supporting documentation (newspaper articles, testimonials, photographs, athletic records, etc.);
  • Mail the above requested items to the address listed in the application packet.
  • Packets may also be submitted via e-mail to ohiosrolympics@gmail.com
  • Hall of Fame nominations are accepted at any time. Nominations received by March 31 of the year of induction will be considered in that year's selection process.
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