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Ohio Senior Olympics communicates with interested parties via electronic communication. The newsletter is sent out on a periodic basis and includes information about the regional, state and national Senior Olympics movement. Please read the Privacy Policy below before joining the newsletter mailing list.

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Ohio Senior Olympics respects the privacy of those on its mailing list. By subscribing to this list, you agree to receive information about Ohio Senior Olympics, its member games and the National Senior Games.

Such communication may include communication about regional games, the annual State Games and National Senior Games events and competition information. Communication may also include general information about healthy and active aging opportunities,

Ohio Senior Olympics does not sell, rent or share its mailing list with other entities; the mailing list is exclusively used by Ohio Senior Olympics. You have the right to remove your name from the mailing list at any time.

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Ohio Senior Olympics does not have one central office. Instead, various functions of the organization occur at the local/regional games around the state and among the board members and volunteers.

Contact names and numbers are listed below.

OSO Board President: Deanna Clifford
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